Accounting for Artists - Year-end accounts? Don't make me laugh!
About "Accounting for Artists"
Thankyou for visiting my website. Here is a little bit of information about me but please contact me for a chat (for free!) about how I can help you.

I have been assisting various creative industries and preparing financial accounts for over 25 years. I work with SMEs, professional practices, small independent businesses and particularly people who have just started their self-employed businesses.
I am located in Manchester and would welcome the opportunity to provide a reliable, friendly and approachable service to your business.
I do have clients who present beautiful folders at their year-end, with clearly labelled receipts, but I also welcome those who, sheepishly, hand over a couple of carrier bags stuffed with a thousand pieces of paper and an apology.
If you are currently avoiding emptying your glove-box, because all the receipts will fall out, then be assured you are not alone.
And I can help.
Whether you need me once a week or once a year, I am happy to advise you of simple systems to help you keep control of your finances and to give you confidence that your legal financial responsibilities are being met.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss your needs further.
Location: Manchester area. Follow me @accsforartists.
Hours: Email me anytime! Emails are checked on a daily basis and a contact sheet is provided for you on the next page.
" Ruth Gee has taken the worry out of our record keeping, company accounts and VAT obligations. Cheerful, confident and competent, she brightens up the office and understands the needs of creatives."  Adam Bennett ,Director, DNA Puppetry and Visual Theatre
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